Adventure Calls!

I was once told that spending time with me is an adventure! Is that good or bad? I took it as a compliment and continually give anyone that hobnobs with me the title of adventurer.

Vibrant Seniors such as myself have daily expectations of wonderful, exciting, and sensational days. We have worked hard and now it’s time to play hard! As for me, I raised my children; worked 40 hours weeks for 30 years; then babysat, loved, nurtured, and chauffeured grandchildren for 16 years. These days, I am always ready for an adventure.

Staying home waiting for something to happen is a recipe for a boring day. Get out and do something glorious! Don’t worry about housework; it will wait for your return. When your children ask what you want for your birthday, tell them: “Just pay for a housekeeper - I am going on an adventure!”

You don’t have to be bored. Follow these three easy steps to become a Vibrant Senior:

  • Step One: Look in the mirror and repeat three times to the person staring back at you, “You are beautiful this morning and we are going to have a tremendous day.”
  • Step Two: Dress to WOW! Vibrant ladies, put on a little makeup, a little perfume, a little lipstick, and a big smile. Vibrant men, shower, shave, and add that smile. But no matter who you are, you only need to wow the person in the mirror. Repeat Step One and then…
  • Step Three: Walk out into the day with your head held high and your sense of adventure ready to go. This is your life - be good to yourself. Surround yourself with love, laughter, and truth.

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Ericka Lozano-Buhl