Enjoy Natural, Healing Hot Mineral Waters - January 2015

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Desert Hot Springs Adventure

January 27, 2015

Soak in it! Drink it! Enjoy it!

The therapeutic hot mineral healing waters of Desert Hot Springs are known to have these wonderful effects on your body. We'll head there on January 27, 2015.

Rejuvenate! Soaking in hot mineral water increases your blood circulation.

Revitalize! Soaking stimulates your metabolism.

Rebalance! Soaking balances your body’s natural systems.

Feel good! Soaking reduce pain and increase mobility.

The phenomenal mineral water in these hot or cold springs is unique - no smell, crystal clear, and silky smooth. Relax in your bath with a little mineral salt and some friends. These springs are something special waiting for your body. Come with Vibrant Seniors to enjoy, de-stress, relax, and heal.

The $47 cost for this day trip includes your entry fee and roundtrip transportation. Food and special body treatments are not included. To register, call Annette Spence of Vibrant Seniors Events at (626) 485-2342 or email annette@vibrantseniorsevents.com.