A Perfect San Francisco Adventure

The Big Day Begins

What is that noise? What time is it? It’s dark outside…oh, my goodness, my alarm is going off. Why did I set an alarm last night? What day is it? Oh, I see – it’s 6:00 a.m. on March 19th. Vibrant Seniors Events is heading to San Francisco!

I panic a little: Did I go to the bank? Do I have all the confirmations from the hotels, the tour bus, and everything else? I ask myself a hundred questions and then the phone rings. Who is calling me at this hour?

Caller: Annette, this is David, your tour bus driver. I just wanted to confirm the pick up time and place.
Me: Have I had coffee yet? Who is this?
David: This is David, your driver.

Yes, I’m that tired!

Time flies by; my doorbell is ringing now and I need another cup of coffee. It’s 7:30 a.m. and two smiling faces greet me. Wonderful friends have come by to see if I need help before we leave. 

WOW! This is going to be a good day. The driver is on his way and two wonderful Vibrant Seniors are busy putting together goody bags for the trip.

By 9:00 a.m., the bus is full of happy adventurers. Everyone is here and things are going smoothly. Me, panic? No way – I knew everything would go well. And it did, from start to finish!

Traveling Together

On Sunday, our first day of the trip, we traveled from Altadena to Kettleman City. It was two and a half hours of watching concrete and gloomy skies until I put on Bill Cosby’s Comedy DVD, Bill Cosby Himself. By the time we reached Bravo Farms for lunch, the group had laughed until their sides hurt.

Got a Big One

After lunch, we still had room for snacks while we listened to oldies and reminisced. Each song brought out memories to share with each other. The conversation leads to discoveries of connections through friends, neighborhoods, or former schools, and even a few family relations!


Once we arrived in San Francisco, our trip to Alcatraz was mind blowing. Some felt anxious or claustrophobic and had to leave the building early, while others took pictures inside the cells. During the return trip to Pier 39, our adventurers joked that they had escaped from Alcatraz!

Winchester Mystery House

On the third day, we toured the Winchester Mystery House. What an exceptional tour! I had one person who wanted to stay and have tea with Sarah Winchester. We learned from the tour guide that the story of Sarah Winchester is being made into a movie. Sadly, no photography was allowed inside the mansion, as the movie company had paid for copyright privileges.

Jack London Square

We traveled on, heading to San Pablo Casino for lunch and a little gambling before dinner at Jack London Square. We enjoyed a meal at Everett and Jones Barbeque Restaurant and met a gentleman from Alaska who came to have dinner at this restaurant. He was extremely friendly and a great spokesman for Alaska – by the time we finished chatting, several ladies requested that I put together a trip to Alaska for next year’s birthday celebration! The evening concluded with the drinks at the Fat Lady Bar and Grill in Oakland.

J. Lohr Winery & Willow Ranch BBQ

Our final day in Northern California, we toured J. Lohr Winery in San Jose, CA. It was only 10:00 a.m., but we made time for a tasting of six different and delicious wines, reasoning that it was cocktail hour somewhere! The next to the last stop was the Willow Ranch BBQ where we ate our weight in barbecue and drank even more lovely wine. We all promised to walk off the extra pounds by next month.

Home at Last!

We arrived back in Altadena at 6:00 p.m. with wondrous memories of friendship, laughter, and fun – just another perfect Vibrant Seniors Events adventure!