So You Say It’s Your Birthday…

How do you celebrate your birthday? Mine is March 21st, (usually) the first day of spring. For me, this is a time of new growth and budding flowers; birds singing and wonderful blue skies; and no more snow – for my friends, at least, since I live in California! For children, birthdays mean cake, ice cream, and a big party – and best of all, gifts! What a wonderful time: a day when parents let you pick the fun and they plan and pay. Just say the word, and you can enjoy Disneyland, go-carts, Magic Mountain, or just lots of sugary treats. Birthdays are great!

Unfortunately, childhood doesn’t last long. Real life – adulthood – comes along and takes away some of the magic of birthday celebrations. Once you realize you have to plan, prepare, and host your own parties, it’s just not as enticing.

Well, I’m here to make your birthday celebrations much better! You can get out and enjoy life – and your birthday – thanks to Vibrant Seniors Events. Let us plan your birthday celebration! Want to know what we can do for you? Check out our Mardi Gras Las Vegas Style celebration we’re planning to celebrate Marlene Ford’s 70th birthday in Las Vegas. (Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. *wink, wink*)

We’ll leave Pasadena on a fabulous luxury motor coach on Monday, February 22, 2016. We’ll enjoy movies, treats, games, and laughter on our way to Las Vegas, where we’ll stay at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. The hotel features nine restaurants, a bowling alley, an 18-screen movie theater, and 142,000 square feet of casino floor. It's where the "Big Easy" meets Las Vegas!

On Tuesday, we’ll visit the Hoover Dam, where you can tour the interior or just observe the absolute beauty and wonder of this manmade marvel. From there, we’ll head on to Goodsprings to visit some ghosts and enjoy lunch at the Pioneer Saloon. Our drive will continue on past Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon before we stop by the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, made famous by television’s Pawn Stars! Then we’ll mosey back to the casino for rest and relaxation before our birthday bash celebrating Marlene.

Dress in your finest purple, gold, and green for Mardi Gras! We’ll provide beads, masks, and party favors for our birthday dinner at Canal Street restaurant. We’ll eat, drink, and be merry – wear your dancing shoes!

Wednesday morning, we’ll visit Gritz Café for an extraordinary soul food breakfast before we leave Las Vegas. On the way home, we’ll stop in Primm (aka Stateline) for a little walk around the casinos and shops, as well as a bit of lunch if there’s room after our morning repast. We’ll arrive back in Pasadena around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday with amazing memories of a great time – and ready to plan YOUR birthday bash with Vibrant Seniors Events!