The Joy of Riding the Bus

 61712116 - blue comfortable seats in a luxury bus

When I was young, our family only had one car, which my Dad used for work. That meant I took the bus quite a bit. It was more exciting than a car, packed with people sitting and standing. I helped pay the driver and loved waiting for my own stop as we paused along the way to pick up additional passengers.

Of course, I also remember the yellow school bus. It was a little scary at first: a driver I didn’t know and no parents along for the ride, which left me both excited and apprehensive. As the school year continued, it became second nature to sit on the bus, seeing my friends and having a good time.

And then as an adult, there was the Greyhound Bus. I remember the jingle, “Leave the driving to us.” As a young person, it was an adventure to ride the bus, an adventure to take a journey somewhere new.

What does riding a bus mean to me now? It’s not about running errands or going to school, but it is still about adventure – and now also luxury! Yes, you read that right: luxury.

Vibrant Seniors Events contracts with a premiere charter company with a fleet of modern buses offering amenities rivaling other luxury travel options. You can enjoy air conditioning and individual climate control; CD and DVD players, along with an option to plug in your iPod; GPS tracking systems; overhead luggage compartments and reclining seats; and large, tinted viewing windows to enjoy the landscape and scenery. (And on-board restrooms much nicer than those tiny, claustrophobic airplane facilities!)

The best part of private group travel via luxury buses is relaxing and enjoying your trip. Forget the stress of checking in early at an airport or going through extensive security, only to be (over)charged exorbitant prices for drinks and snacks. On our Vibrant Seniors Events adventures, we travel in style, comfort, and relaxation. You can nap, enjoy entertainment, or chat with your fellow travelers in much more spacious accommodations than you would enjoy otherwise.

Our upcoming trip to San Francisco offers all of this and more. We’ll even have a tour guide to show you locations of interest during our smooth, comfortable ride to San Francisco. Reserve your spot today!

Photo copyright: mino21 / 123RF Stock Photo